September 2014

2nd AL-NANOFUNC IPR training


The second Al-NanoFunc training on IPR issues took place the 26th of September under the title: “Jornada de Formación: El uso de las bases de datos de patentes”. The topic on the use of patent data-bases has been selected according to the demands of participants during the first Al-NanoFunc training on IPR. For the organization of the training Al-NanoFunc counted with the support from Deputy Vice-Presidency for Knowledge Transfer from the Spanish Research Council, in particular from Dr. Juan Martinez, responsible for the Andalusian region.

The training counted with the participation of two experts on the subject: Dr. Juan Martínez and Dr. Björn Jürgens.

— Training Program:

  • Recursos gratuitos para la búsqueda de patentes.
    Dr. Björn Jürgens (Agencia IDEA – CITPIA PATLIB Centre).
  • Bases de datos de patentes internacionales.
    Ejemplos de búsqueda en Esp@cenet sobre temas relacionados con nanotecnología.

    Dr. Björn Jürgens (Agencia IDEA – CITPIA PATLIB Centre).
  • Bases de datos gestionadas por la Oficina Española de Patentes.
    Ejemplo de búsqueda en INVENES.
    Dr. Juan Martínez (VATC -CSIC, Delegación en Andalucía).

The course has been very interactive and has been carried out in a computers room where the attendants could practice the patent search by themselves on specific questions. The participants were very active and many issues were brought to the discussion by them. Fifteen participants attended this training, mainly researchers of ICMS from different areas (Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics), but also personnel from the IPR departments of companies (Abengoa Research) and regional Institutions (Agencia Idea, Junta de Andalucía).

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