September 2014

Al-NanoFunc members participate at 18th International Microscopy Congress Prague

Maria del Carmen Jimenez, Bertrand Lacroix from ICMS and Roland Schierholz from Jülich participated at the 18th International Microscopy Conference presenting results from common research within Al-NanoFunc Project.

Works presented to the conference

news-september2014-3– STEM in SEM imaging of gold nanoparticles in tissuar ecotoxicity experiment
C. Garcia-Negrete, M.C. Jimenez de Haro, J. Blasco, M. Soto, A. Fernandez
– Amorphous silicon-coatings with high amount of closed porosity
R. Schierholz, B. Lacroix, J. Caballero-Hernandez, V. Godinho, M. Duchamp, A. Fernandez
– Spatially resolved EELS to probe the pore structure of porous coatings grown by magnetron sputtering
B. Lacroix, V. Godinho, A. Fernandez

This international conference is the world’s largest event dedicated to microscopy held every four years under the auspices of the International Federation of Societies for Microscopy (IFSM). This edition took place on September 7 – 12 2014 in Prague, the Czech Republic.


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