May 2012

As part of the Al-NanoFunc mission in increasing the awareness of the general public on the scientific progress in the field of nanomaterials and nano-analysis, Al‑NanoFunc members participated actively in “X Science Fair” organized in Sevilla from 10th to 12th May.

This is a regional event organized by the Andaluzian Society for Science Dissemination in Science supported by the local government (Consejería de Educación, Consejería de Innovación and Consejería de Medio Ambiente of Junta de Andalusia) and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECyT), evolving different schools (from primary to high school), Universities and research centers which participate with their own stands.

Students and researchers were involved in different activities, demonstrations and interactive games which allowed learning while playing around with science.

Al-NanoFunc organized the Materials Science Institute stand devoted to Electron Microscopy: “A voyage to the nanoworld through the electron microscope”.  Many students (from primary to high school), teachers, families and general public visited our stand which included:

  • A photo gallery with the History of Microscopy:  From the first eyeglasses in the 13th Century to the aberration corrected Electron Microscope in the 21th Century.
  • Activities related to the basics of microscopy: magnification, focus, resolution, field of view and other concepts through simple activities. Students were able to sit around a table with scientists to play with optical and digital USB microscopes.
  • Going beyond. An Electron Microscope in our stand!!! A portable SEM was installed to watch in black and white different interesting samples with higher magnification and resolution.
  •  Matching the photo with the corresponding micrograph. With this exciting game, children were able to see in more detail what is not distinguishable with their eyes… of course with prizes for the winner teams!
  • Art and Science: Artistically Colored Electron Micrographs from the materials we prepare in our Research Center and their potential use.

Gisela Arzac