June 2012

ANQUE, the Spanish’s leading organization for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering professionals, with over 11,000 members, organized in Seville ANQUE’s International Congress of Chemical Engineering (ANQUE-ICCE 2012) from 24th to 27th June.

Combining science -chemistry- with the discipline of engineering, chemical engineers have continuously improved our well-being since more than a century, designing and manufacturing materials and products essential to our modern society. ANQUE’s main aim is to promote and support professional development in Chemistry and Chemical Technology to move forward professionally and to enrich the world we live in. Al-NanoFunc members of NanoMatMicro group and Abeongoa Hidrogeno presented their join research on hydrogen generation:

  • “Deactivation, reactivation and memory effect on Co-B catalyst for sodium borohydride hydrolysis operating in harsh conditions” G.M. Arzac, D. Hufschmidt, A. Fernandez, B. Sarmiento, M.A. Jimenez
  • “Continuous reactor based on sodium borohydride hydroslisis for stable and versatile hydrogen generation” D. Hufschmidt, G.M. Arzac, A. Fernandez, B. Sarmiento, M.A. Jimenez.

More fundamental studies on the characterization of catalyst materials were presented by NanoMatMicro members:

  • “Synthesis and characterization of supported Co catalyst for hydrogen generation by magnetron sputtering” M. Paladini, V.Godinho, G.M. Arzac, A.Fernandez
  • “Bimetallic-boron nanoalloys as catalyst for hydrogen generation. New insights into the Co-Ru-B system” G.M. Arzac, T.C. Rojas, A.Fernandez.