June 2012

Al-Nanofunc members Asuncion Fernandez and Vanda Godinho participated in the 2nd ECNCF conference organized by the Virtual Institute of Nanofilms (VINF), held in Ancona (Italy) from 17th to 21st June. Two works were presented with research supported by Al-Nanofunc:

  • “Preparation of nanostructured Co catalysts for hydrogen generation by magnetron sputtering”  M. Paladini, G.M. Arzac, V. Godinho, A. Fernández (oral presentation ),
  • “Magnetron sputtered amorphous silicon films with closed porosity: microstructure and optical properties” V.Godinho, J. Caballero-Hernandez, D. Jamon, T.C. Rojas, R. Schierholz, J.Garcia-Lopéz, F.J. Ferrer, A. Fernandez (oral presentation).