January 2012

Al-NanoFunc members (Asuncion Fernandez, Cristina Rojas and Hernán Miguez) participated in the organization of GEFES 2012, a congress meeting promoted by the “Grupo Especializado de Fisica de Estado Solido”(Solid State Physic Specialized Group of the Royal Spanish Physics Society). Asuncion Fernandez coordinated the organization of this event that counted with 40 invited talks from junior researchers and plenary talks given by prominent scientists. The main topics of the conference were Physics of low-dimensional systems, Magnetism, spintronic and quantum information, Microscopies and Nanoscopies, Photonic materials and devices and Physical properties in the Nanoscale and other properties.

Lionel Cervera Gontard participated in the Microscopies and Nanoscopies session with an oral presentation on “3D characterisation of electron irradiation effects in Ge-doped SiO2” a work done in collaboration with members of the Ernst Ruska-Centre for Microscopy and Spectroscopy with Electrons in Jülich.

Also Mauricio Calvo had participated with an invited presentation on “Multifunctional materials based on porous one dimensional photonic crystals”.

 The last talk of the event by Pilar Lopez Sanchez gave a perspective of women in physics presenting also data from the recent publication in Physics Today: “Women in Physics: A tale of limits” where Spanish women physicists participated in the data survey.