January 2012

Recruitment of personnel in Al-NanoFunc is complete!

With the incorporation of Roland Schierholz the Al-NanoFunc core team is now completed!

Roland Schierholz joined Al-NanoFunc in January 2012. He finished his PhD in 2010 in the Technische Universität Darmstadt where he has been working also as a post-doc on transmission electron microscopy.

Lionel Cervera Gontard joined Al-NanoFunc in October 2011. He obtained his PhD in 2007 in the University of Cambridge in the Electron Microscopy lab and continued as a post-doc in the CEN-DTU center in Denmark and in the University of Oxford as a specialist in Electron Microscopy.

Salah Roullion incorporated the Al-NanoFunc team as instrumentation engineer in December 2011, his experience of more than ten years as technical service of FEI Company, one the major worldwide producers of electron microscopes, will be very valuable for the project.

Rocio Garcia Gil is the IT in charge of the webpage development in Al-NanoFunc since October 2011. She is an IT Technical Engineer, and has been working in softwear programming for the last three years.

Lucia Castillo, the administrative manager of Al-NanoFunc, joined the team in October 2011. She is graduated in Economy and shares her time between Al-Nanofunc managing and Teaching at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide where she is also preparing her PhD.

Vanda Godinho is the research manager of Al-NanoFunc since October 2011. She finished her PhD in Materials Sciencein 2011, a join PhD between the Universidad de Sevilla and the Free University of Brussels.

Asuncion Fernandez project Coordinator.