November 2013

alnanonews-nov2013Nanoscopies for everyone: LANE open day


During the Science week from 4th to 17th November, the Advanced Laboratory of Nanoscopies and Spectroscopies (LANE) invited young students to participate in an open day activity and get in contact with electron microscopy.

The students visited the LANE laboratories and the electron microscopes. With different games the students learned how these microscopes work and its relation with optical microscopes was used to introduce concepts as: magnification, focus, resolution, and field of view. Different examples of day life solving problems with the help of electron microscopy were presented.

The visitors could experiment with an optical microscope, a portable digital microscope and a tabletop scanning electron microscope, and were challenged to match different micrographs with the corresponding objects.

Gisela Arzac was invited by CicCartuja to give a lecture on “Hydrogen as sustainable combustible”


Integrated on the Science Week 2013 activities Gisela Arzac from NanoMatMicro was invited to give a lecture on “Hydrogen as sustainable combustible”. She introduced the students on the need of using green and sustainable forms of energy and the study of Hydrogen as an energy vector.