March 2013

Al-NanoFunc Mid Term review meeting in Brussels

Imagen3Mid-term review meeting for the Al-NanoFunc project was held Brussels on 14th March 2013. The assistants to this meeting were Asuncion Fernandez, Vanda Godinho, Cristina Rojas, Maria del Carmen Jimenez, Roland Schierholz and Lionel Cervera from Sevilla, Benjamin Knappett from Cambridge, Stéphane Lucas from Namur, Rafal Dunin-borkowski from Jülich and Nadine Robberecht, the representative of the EU commission.

The mid-term review meeting’s purpose is to present the results of the project before the representative of the EU commission, to discuss the evolution of project, to get the feedback from the representative in order to progress in the right direction towards the completion of the project.

The meeting started with the presentation of the Work Packages, the highlights of the ongoing research between the Al-Nanofunc members and ended with an open discussion between the Al-NanoFunc members and the representative of the EU commission.

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