January 2014

Participation in GEFES 2014


Al-NanoFunc members Asuncion Fernandez, Vanda Godinho and Bertrand Lacroix participated in the GEFES 2014 Meeting in Ciudad Real. This congress meeting is promoted by the “Grupo Especializado de Fisica de Estado Solido” (Solid State Physic Specialized Group of the Royal Spanish Physics Society).

Vanda Godinho participated in the session “Optical properties, materials and fotonic devices, semiconductors” with an invites oral presentation on “New bottom-up methodology to produce silicon layers with a closed porosity nanostructure and reduced refractive index”” a work done in collaboration with Al-Nanofunc members from Namur, and Sincaf group at ICMS.

Bertrand Lacroix and Asuncion Fernandez presented poster on the session “Physical properties  of materials in the nanoscale, surface and interface physics, proximity and electron microscopy”. The research presented in the poster: “Characterization of amorphous and porous silicon coatings by (S)TEM and EELS” was completely performed at LANE I close collaboration with Martial Duchamp from ERC-Jülich.

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