January 2013

Asunción Fernández visits the laboratory “Hydrogen & Energy” leaded by Prof. Andreas Züttel at EMPA (Dübendorf, Switzerland)

To prepare a 6 m20130129_093830onths stay starting in October 2014, Asunción Fernandez visited the “Hydrogen and Energy” Laboratory, leaded by Prof. Andreas Züttel at EMPA. She is interested in the catalytic combustion that can occur at moderate temperatures without formation of a flame to produce portable heating devices or for safety devices.


Photo: Asunción working with Fadime Hosoglu, a post-doc in the Hydrogen & Energy laboratory.


During this stay she was invited to give a talk to the EMPA community: “A microstructural study of additives/catalysts used in hydrogen storage processes based on hydride material”.

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